What's everyone talking about? A look at some of the hot topics making their way across Tennis Twitter on Tuesday:

The Smash Debated ‘Round The World

Was it, or was it not a fair play by Cameron Norrie? During his fourth-round win in Rome, Novak Djokovic turned his back to concede a point but his opponent's close-range overhead nailed him on the left leg.



Veronika’s "Old" Description

Though she advanced to her second consecutive WTA 1000 semifinal, Veronika Kudermetova’s win over Zheng Qinwen might be best remembered for the way she handled a call going in her opponent’s favor. Disagreeing is one thing but this? You make the call.


Grigor Deletes Steamy Pics

Dinner at your favorite restaurant, drinks with friends, perhaps even a weekend getaway. These are some ways to commemorate a birthday.

While it’s possible Grigor Dimitrov took up one of these approaches, it’s not what he shared on Instagram. The newly-minted 32-year-old opted to go full steam (pun intended) ahead in a now-deleted collab with Madalina Diana Ghenea. Worth reminding: Tennis Twitter is all about collecting receipts.


A Legendary Challenger Stat

This nugget from a well-respected historian speaks for itself. Bordeaux is more than a wine capital this week!