Players come in all shapes, sizes and playing styles. Which is why Solinco doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to equipment. In its continuing efforts to satisfy the needs of every player, Solinco is adding two brand-new and unique frames to its roster. With 28-inch lengths, the Blackout XTD+ and Whiteout XTD+ bring a dimension rarely found in the current racquet marketplace. The innovation further expands the playing possibilities of the frames for players who want to increase the power potential in their games.

The industry standard for the vast majority of racquets produced is 27 inches. While extended length racquets boast a small following in the recreational game, 28-inch models have become particularly scarce. However, they’ve had a storied history on the pro tours in the hands of champions such as Venus Williams, Michael Chang and Juan-Carlos Ferrero.

The extra inch brings a range of benefits including:

  • Added reach for better court coverage.
  • An increase in swingweight for deeper, more penetrating shots and heightened stability.
  • A higher contact point which bolsters power and angles on serves.
  • The give and take with additional length is that the racquet is generally more challenging to maneuver. This is amplified on quick reaction shots such as reflex volleys and returns of serve. Throw in the added innate power and control can be compromised when compared to a standard frame. That’s why experimenting with longer racquets often requires an acclimation period, but the rewards can be worth the effort.


Solinco XTD+ Blackout and Whiteout

Solinco XTD+ Blackout and Whiteout

Both XTD+ frames sport a 16x19 string pattern which creates a higher launch angle and greater spin potential. The Blackout family has a thicker, firmer variable beam for formidable power to implement aggressive baseline tactics. The Whiteout has a thin, constant and medium-firm beam designed for greater precision to attack from all areas of the court. The lines share three core technologies:

  • Weight Control Module—interchangeable base plates of 5 or 10 grams to modify the weight of the frame.
  • 40T Carbon Fiber—high modulus carbon fiber material placed at 3 and 9 o’clock to increase the sweet spot, stability, and power of the racquet.
  • Liquid Crystal Technology—liquid crystal fibers incorporated into the racquet handle that reduce vibration and improves the feel and play of the racquet.

However, they do differ in two respects. The Whiteout has PU density foam in the head of the racquet (Foam Core Technology) to reduce vibration; while the throat of the Blackout is engineered to bend less at contact (Power Flex Zone) to optimize energy return into the shot.

The Blackout and Whiteout XTD+ frames both retail for $220 and will be available at tennis specialty retailers starting September 27.