WATCH: Swiatek first began the music discussion at the Tennis Channel Live Desk with Steve and Chanda.


FORT WORTH, Texas—There are some things more important than tennis. Like Taylor Swift.

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek certainly got the memo after clinching her spot in the WTA Finals semifinals, derailing her post-match press conference to rank her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

After giving Midnights a so-so review at the Tennis Channel Live Desk, "Swiftie" Swiatek whipped out her phone to go deep on Folklore and Evermore, Swift’s pandemic era albums.

“Well from Folklore, I really like Seven. And I also like Evermore, and from Evermore…Oh my God, my mind is blank right now, as usual!” she laughed as she went into stream of conscious before referring to her playlists. “From these two albums, I just like, for sure I like Willow. Cardigan, but these are like the most popular songs…”

Her 6-3, 6-2 win over Caroline Garcia was a distant memory as she went deep into her playlists.

“Oh, Champagne Problems. Duh! I mean. Yeah, that's all I would say. But I like to listen to the whole album as well. But these are the favorites.”

Asked her take on “No Body, No Crime,” a duet with HAIM, the music discourse delved into the latter’s discography.

Some of the songs are super catchy, but that's normal for Taylor Swift. You can see from her writing how much talent she has, but honestly? I preferred Folklore and Evermore; sorry! I feel like this one is more pop. I like everything that she does, even the country! I'm a Swiftie, for sure! Iga Swiatek on Midnights

“I love their first album, honestly. And then, yeah, I really listened to it for like, two months, I would say every day and then a little bit less after. But I don't know why I don't feel it in their next albums, you know, the next one. After Days are Gone. Days are Gone is the best, right?”

Amid grumblings from some of the press corp’s more established tastemakers*, Swiatek settled on Days are Gone, HAIM’s 2013 debut, over calls for Women in Music Pt. III, their most recent effort.

“This is more interesting,” Swiatek said as the moderator tried in vain to change the subject. “Sorry, I'm choosing Days are Gone. Totally.”

Safe to say Swiatek prefers to save her bangers for the tennis court.

*Editor’s Note: For what it’s worth, I remain a Lover head, but I’ve listened to plenty of Anti-Hero since Midnights dropped.