Stefanos Tsitsipas took to Twitter over the weekend to discuss an on-going hot topic: coaching during matches.

The Greek player believes "it's about time the sport takes a big step forward," and allows coaching on every single point during ATP Tour matches. Tsitsipas strongly believes that on-court coaching should be made legal.

Coaching on every point should be allowed in tennis. The sport needs to embrace it. We’re probably one of the only global sports that doesn’t use coaching during the play. Make it legal. It’s about time the sport takes a big step forward,” Tsitsipas wrote.

Tsitsipas is a player that has received numerous coaching violations and the same often happens for both men and women players. It's a rarity that players at the tour level don't have a coach. With this being said, the ATP doesn't allow coaching of any kind and it can result in a hefty $5000 fine for players.

With an array of other sports welcoming coaching as a part of the sport, Tsitsipas poses the question, "why not tennis?" In order for the sport to continue to flourish, Tsitsipas suggests that bold changes, such as this coaching rule need updating. Following Tsitsipas in-depth Twitter conversation, Tennis TV's Instagram asked fans if they agreed or disagreed on the subject?

Nick Kyrgios quickly gave his two cents.

“I usually don’t mind his ideas, but this one is terrible,” Kyrgios wrote.


The two aren't the closest of friends but have always shared a mutual respect for each other on and off the court. However, after Kyrgios' harsh comment, Tsitsipas hit back.

“I’ll get you a coach, don’t worry about that,” Tsitsipas responded.


The topic has long been discussed, but as of now the ATP Tour hasn't budged or attempted to try on-court coaching. On the women's side, the WTA shares a few of the same regulations, such as forbidding audible or visual communication throughout the match, but the WTA differs in one major aspect. The WTA allows players to request on-court coaching once per set. However In both singles and doubles Grand Slam matches, on-court coaching is not allowed for both men and women.

Following his opening-round loss at Wimbledon to American Frances Tiafoe, the Hamburg No. 1 seed fell in the quarterfinals to Filip Krajinović.