RPM Soft

If hitting heavy topspin with dependable control is your thing, then you know all about the virtues of polyester strings. Largely monofilaments, polys are also valued for their durability. And an undisputed OG of the category is Babolat’s RPM. When it comes to producing a predictable ball with tons of rotation, few strings are as capable of completing the assignment.

However, while not the firmest of co-polyesters, the flagship RPM Blast model can still feel stiff and unforgiving. Especially for experienced players with tender arms, or younger players transitioning into the category without the requisite swing speed to take advantage of the benefits of a monofilament. That’s where the soon-to-be-released RPM Soft comes in.

The new, more forgiving variety is designed to offer a friendlier response with a greater injection of pace. It’s constructed with three layers: A flexible polyamide central core to cushion impact; aramid powder mixed in the co-polyamide middle layer for durability; and an outer layer containing silicone to enhance string movement.

Almost like a hybrid-in-one string, it’s more durable and precise than a multifilament, while being softer than a polyester. As such, it doesn’t have quite the spin, control and toughness as the Blast, but beats it hands-down in the power and comfort departments. And for the stringers out there, the composition makes it an easier install than a typical poly.

RPM Soft is scheduled to be released on September 16. It will be available in sets ($17) and reels ($235) in 16 and 17 gauge.