Roger. Rafa. Serena. Iga.

What do those four names have in common?

Well, besides all being French Open champions, each has their own signature racquet. While the first three are steeped in Grand Slam glory, it might be seem premature to bestow such recognition on 20 year-old Iga Swiatek. But Tecnifibre believes the rising star will make good on the honor.


A homecoming of sorts, Swiatek swung a Tecnifibre in her early junior years before bouncing around to other brands. She reconnected with the company after winning the 2020 Roland Garros (where she was using a Prince). Working closely with the French company, she wanted the T-Rebound Tempo 298—nicknamed the Iga Signature—to be a perfect complement to her playing style.

More than just bearing her name, the racquet also matches the same specs of Swiatek’s own on-court frame. Hence the unique 298-gram unstrung weight, to go along with her preferred balance, stiffness and string pattern. The firm beam has an elliptical geometry designed to give the racquet a winning balance of power and control.

The rest of the technologies in the frame reads like a greatest hits of Tecnifibre favorites: Dynacore and Foam Filled for shock dispersion and comfort; Armor Cap reinforced bumper; Horse Back Strip for string efficiency; EZ Lock Eyelets to protect grommets from knots. Completing the look is the high gloss finish commonly found on a pro stock frame.

From a playability standpoint, the racquet is a hybrid, combining the precision and stability of the T-Fight models with the quickness and comfort of the T-Rebound frames. It’s designed to be a versatile racquet that performs equally well in the hands of aspiring juniors, league competitors and Grand Slam champs.

The Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo 298 retails for $210 and is currently available at authorized retailers. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed reviews.