Citi Taste of Tennis was back at it again for the second Legends Series cooking session celebrating Women's History Month. On Thursday, former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki was joined by renowned chef and Taste of Tennis favorite Adrianne Calvo. Just two years ago, the American chef headlined the Miami Open event.

Wozniacki, along with over 100 virtual chefs, learned how to cook a deliciously-seasoned Korean style marinated skirt steak, garnished with red chimichurri and a side of hot honey potatoes.


"I'm just trying to not burn down the kitchen today. That's my goal," Wozniacki said with a chuckle.

The 2018 Australian Open champion didn't start off with much confidence in her ability to serve up a tasty steak dinner, and confessed she was more nervous for the live-cooking event than a big match. That all changed as Calvo provided her expertise and diligently guided everyone through the one-of-a-kind tutorial.

The first step: seasoning the steaks with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, sugar, fresh cilantro, sake and even kiwi.

"Kiwi has properties that are natural tenderizers. So skirt steak can be a little bit chewy, it can be on the tougher side. By marinating it with kiwi, we are adding a natural tenderizer," Calvo said.

Wozniacki, who suffered a thumb injury while on a trip to the mountains with husband David Lee, had her finger wrapped. She multi-tasked, answering fan questions while tossing potatoes and melting butter. With Miami Open action well underway this week, it seemed appropriate to ask about her experience four years ago and whether she had any special memories from the WTA 1000 event.

"I reached the finals in 2017, didn't I?" Wozniacki asked host and former Top 10 player Chanda Rubin.

"Is that your only memory about it? When you win Grand Slams, it's tough," Rubin said.


The Dane, who touched on her 2017 showing when she lost to Johanna Konta in the championship match, focused on highlighting the atmosphere of its former venue.

"I loved the Miami tournament, especially when it was at Key Biscayne, I think it had so much charm and it was just a tournament that everyone looked forward to," Wozniacki told her fellow cooks.

"The fans are amazing and it's just a relaxed vibe, it's a big city and I love both. I was a little bit sad when it was moving from Key Biscayne because I had so many great memories."

The final edition of this month's Legend Series features nine-time Grand Slam champion Monica Seles next week.