Taylor Fritz and Frances Tiafoe have been Davis Cup teammates for Team USA, and will soon reunite as teammates for Team World this weekend at Laver Cup after helping the squad end Team Europe's dominance 12 months ago ... but which American knows the other one better?

The two compatriots hit the stationary bikes brought the laughs in a rousing round of "Who's more likely to...?" posted on the official Laver Cup Instagram account on Wednesday ahead of this weekend's competition in Vancouver.

In an exchange that would've been at home scrawled a high school yearbook as much as the ATP Tour, Fritz and Tiafoe took turns exchanging some good-natured ribbing beginning with the first question: "Who's most likely to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week?"

(Based on Tiafoe's roaring laughter, and recent events, it's safe to say the answer is Fritz.)


What were some of the other highlights?

Forget their credential? Tiafoe says Fritz, but Fritz wasn't feeling it: "Dude, you show up to site with one shoe!"

Most likely to get a tattoo? Answer unclear, but the question prompted the quote of the week so far from Tiafoe: "You ever see a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"

Vacation in the Maldives? Answer: Fritz ... or is it?

"In the players' lounge?" Tiafoe cracked. "The joke is, I play every week," Fritz explained.

Have a snack at all times of the day? They agreed: Tiafoe. "Wake up, have a double-stuffed Oreo," says the 2022 US Open semifinalist, in a mantra to live by.

Most likely to laugh in a serious moment? No words were needed. Just Tiafoe's big grin.

The two highest-ranking members of Team World will be all business on the court in the hopes of leading the red side to its second straight Laver Cup. Play officially kicks off on Friday, Sept. 22.