For jet-setter and Tennis Channel host Prakash Amritraj, thank goodness for endless cups of caffeine. Earlier this month, he was on-site at the Miami Open with co-host Dani Klupenger and after a short time recouping at home, he was Monte Carlo bound for the ATP Masters 1000 event.

"LAX, weren't we just here?," Prakash said to kick off the self-taped video.

It took Amritraj three flights to finally reach Nice, France, plus an Uber to his hotel for the duration of the 10-day event.


This tournament was far different from his time back in 2019, where there were no masks, no COVID-19 tests and much more freedom to explore the city. But even with all the restrictions, Amritraj made the most of every minute in Monaco, including those uncomfortable COVID swabs.

He also of course, made time for the gym. Those rock-solid abs don't just form themselves!


"Losing it a little bit, being in the room not being able to do anything. So, we are going to take a shot at actually doing a workout. If I have any more caffeine, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself," Amritraj said as he sipped on a cup of hot coffee before his in-room workout session.

He certainly made use of the small area and a very unideal situation by absolutely smashing his in-room workout. Lateral walks/chest fly combos, bicep curls and pushups were demonstrated and he finished it  off with some light flexing for the fans.

Through it all, Amritraj came away from the Masters 1000 event with a ton of positives. His GQ India issue came out during the tournament and he interviewed many of the ATP's top names, which included a one-one-on-one with winner Stefanos Tsitsipas.

"Haven't been really able to enjoy this beautiful city as I did in 2019, but I will say the walks to and from the courts along the beach haven't been that bad," Amritraj said. "The views have been pretty good."


The Tennis Channel host is back at home resting up, but not for long. Next on his destination list? Combined 1000-level events in Madrid and Rome.