Kamau Murray always says that the professional tennis community is a bubble, and a tough one to gain access to at that. This week's guest on the Podcast knows all about working his way up the ladder, and has built up a reputation as one of the key faces to the growth of the sport. When you see Steve Weissman on your television, you know there's some high-level tennis taking place. He joined Murray for an all-encompassing chat about his career, the best areas of the job and where the sport can improve—perhaps borrowing some ideas from its athletic brethren.


One thing that is abundantly clear is Weissman's passion for tennis. "When I'm interviewing a player, I want to learn about them. I want their personality to shine," he said in reference to his television interviews. And whether it's a quick chat on the tournament grounds, or a 30-second window right before going live, Weissman loves to have some dialogue with the player before the cameras start rolling. It's this humanistic approach that provides for a much more engaging interview, propelling the broadcaster to a spot as a well-regarded tennis mainstay.

Weissman has managed to become a regular fixture while also balancing another role with the NFL Network, a sport which quite literally never sleeps. In regards to growing tennis, he feels like it could borrow a thing or two from the world of football. "Every event is a Super Bowl (at NFL Network)," he stated.

"We just covered the schedule release, and it was a huge deal. And we're not playing until the fall!" If tennis could spotlight, promote, and perhaps create events outside of the regimented tournament calendar, it might keep attention spans engaged for much longer.


Murray and Weissman each dive into this year's Roland Garros event, sharing thoughts on the dominant run of Iga Swiatek and the three favorites on the men's side—Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal. Weissman is clearly an expert in the fields of television and tennis, and he shares his story of dedication to a craft that certainly doesn't feel like work every day. He's become synonymous with a network and a sport itself, and this podcast will illuminate the personality behind the person interviewing your favorite players.