The excitement continues to grow with each passing day for the "King Richard" biopic, starring Will Smith as Richard Williams, the father of iconic sister act Serena and Venus and is set to hit theaters on November 19. Tennis Channel's own Prakash Amritraj had a chance to watch the film in advance and shared his thoughts about the movie in the latest issue of GQ India.

A close friend of the Williams family, Amritraj has had the opportunity to spend time with Richard, and felt the film brought past conversations to life on screen.

"Watching the film and seeing how staunch he was in his beliefs brought me back to our conversation," he wrote. "That’s so much of how he was able to do it. To be able to block out the negative, and focus on the love, positivity, and what could be is what made this man so special."

In Amritraj's "What's Your Code" column he covers the film’s pivotal plot lines along with its big picture: being about a Black father protecting and loving his children. This may seem unimportant to some, but as Amritraj explains, it's an unfortunate rarity to see this kind of representation on film.

"At the crux of it, if you remove the famous names, all the accolades, titles, and endorsements, this is a story of a father wanting the best for his children, turning pain to love, proving that mountains can be moved with sheer belief, and, most importantly, betting on yourself.”