"I’ve just been trying to help keep people entertained, even if it's for a couple seconds, couple minutes of the day."

Kristie Ahn joins the TENNIS.com Podcast to help everyone get through the quarantine with an inside look at how she makes her popular videos.


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Ahn launched herself into TikTok fame with tennis-centric videos, including a clever one about Roland Garros' rescheduling and a practical one on how to clean and work out at the same time. She's hunkering down in New Jersey to wait out the coronavirus pandemic, and staying busy by making videos and appearing on Tennis Channel.

TENNIS.com Podcast:
Ahn on producing
TikTok hits

TENNIS.com Podcast: Ahn on producing TikTok hits

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The 27-year-old American is currently ranked No. 96 after a breakthrough 2019 saw her reach the fourth round of the US Open and crack the Top 100 for the first time. The Stanford graduate's dad famously gave her three years to make it as a professional before getting a real job, and she made it just in time.

Ahn reflects on her family's impact on her career, the importance of belief, the challenges the WTA council is facing, and, of course, how to make a successful TikTok.

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