"Right now I'm just really thankful, not that I'm winning, but that I feel good because it was really rough six months at the beginning of the year. It's something that we all have to go through."


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Caroline Dolehide joins the TENNIS.com Podcast this week with Nina Pantic and Irina Falconi. The world No. 214-ranked American reflects on a memorable August in which she won two medals at the Pan American Games, captured an ITF W60 in Concord, Mass., and qualified for the US Open, where she's also in the doubles main draw (with Vania King).

The 20-year-old opens up about her confident choice of the pro tour over UCLA and reflects on her struggles at the start of 2019 with total honesty. She compares Grand Slam life to the ITF circuit, shares the benefits of playing so much doubles and explains why she chose to travel to Peru for a clay tournament in the middle of the U.S. hard-court season.

When discussing her family support system, Dolehide casually lets us know that she has a friendship with Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi after spending time in Vegas with Gil Reyes.

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TENNIS.com Podcast:
Dolehide on finding 
her way on tour

TENNIS.com Podcast: Dolehide on finding her way on tour

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