Snoopy Timex Peanuts watch

Tennis, anyone? A few weeks after an adorable clip of “tennis Snoopy” went viral for his on-court meltdown, the beloved Peanuts character is back on court featuring in a limited-edition Timex watch design.

Timex and Peanuts have been teaming up since the 1970s to create classic watch designs inspired by the iconic American comic, which was first published in 1950 by Charles M. Schulz.

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Of course, interest in all things tennis has skyrocketed recently ever since the release of Challengers. The Zendaya-led, Luca Guadagnino-directed romantic drama about tennis has turned the sport into a pop culture juggernaut—but Peanuts has been having a moment too, especially among watch enthusiasts where the nostalgic design has become a collector’s dream.


When a clip of The World-Famous Tennis Player’s viral meltdown did the rounds on social media—earning comparisons from Patrick’s racquet-smashing rampage on Challengers to a classic Andrey Rublev tantrum—it also had the added side effect of reminding tennis fans that it’s not the first time Snoopy has struck a stylish ace.

“Match point! Snoopy plays on the dial of our iconic Marlin® Hand-Wound as The World-Famous Tennis Player,” reads one social media caption from Timex unveiling the retro-inspired design. “This watch makes for a classic Peanuts watch you’re sure to love on and off the court.”

Fan reactions varied from, “Where do I buy this I’ll sell my kidney,” as one fan posted on X, to the more reasoned Instagram comments reading, “As a tennis and Peanuts lover, this is a must have.”

Featuring a stainless-steel case, America’s favorite beagle is captured mid-serve against a colorful contrast dial. Snoopy’s raised racquet forms the minute-hand, while a rotating tennis ball creates a sweeping second-hand.

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It’s not exactly one of the 80 limited-edition, $1.1 million timepieces from Rafael Nadal’s ultra-luxury collaboration with Richard Mille—but this iconic watch is still a must-have for collectors.

Grab it while it’s back in stock—the Timex Marlin® Hand-Wound x Snoopy Tennis watch retails for $229.

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