When you're a famous tennis star, expect to be asked to do commercials—a lot. In Roger Federer's case, his commercials happen to be some of the funniest, and most unique, advertisements around. While the 36-year-old has appeared on TV too many times to count, these are five of the best that the world No. 2 has been in.



In this ad, Federer has to bring a duffel bag full of Lindor truffle chocolates through airport security. He gets stopped by two female guards, who try the chocolate, realize how good it is, and confiscate his entire stash—while outrageously flirting with the Swiss.


Who knew that a tennis player could be a cool secret agent? Leaping from tall buildings, breaking through windows, and jumping for his life onto a helicopter, Federer safely lands in a green screen. Then the catch phrase, "Spectacular, without the spectacle". It's all pretty dramatic for a phone company ad.



Now this is a classic. The commercial starts with Roger Federer's head put onto a rugged and ripped physique, standing on a pile of gold on a tennis court. It only gets weirder and funnier from there. Taking a journey through the decades of tennis, the world No. 2 pretends to be players from the past, such as John McEnroe, before the viewer see Federer in the present driving a new Mercedes Benz.



Another well-known piece of Federer commercial history, Nike shows off the Swiss's skills. A man "claiming to be Roger Federer's coach" sneaks into his house at night to keep the pressure on and his skills sharp. Things get broken and the house gets ransacked, but Federer comes out on top.


Federer as a therapist? The Swiss tries his hand at a new profession by trying to help a woman who is down in a set. He's not very good at it and the only recommendation he can make is having her try Wilson's new racquet. It works, but then Federer harps on her for sweating on his couch.