The Break is back this week with another episode to sum you up on all the latest off-court news. There've been a lot of ups and downs in tennis across the last few weeks, to say the very least.


1. Leo Borg carves out his own path in Paris

At 18-years-old, Leo Borg is trying to make a name for himself alongside the legacy of his iconic Hall of Fame father, Bjorn Borg. The Swedish player reached the Round of 16 at the French Open Juniors before losing to the first seed, Shang Juncheng.

2. Federer creates controversy

It's rare for the 20-time Grand Slam champion not to enjoy universal acclaim, but he ended up stirring debate when he opted to withdraw from Roland Garros after his third-round, leaving fans and players divided. While Chris Evert felt Federer has earned the right to schedule himself however he wants, Patrick McEnroe had the opposite reaction, arguing Federer should not have played at all if he knew he would withdraw.

Federer has since moved on to Halle to begin his grass-court preparation.


3. Soderling opens up

Two-time French Open finalist Robin Soderling has once again opened up about mental health on tour, claiming that “50 to 70%” of players on tour have experienced some form of depression. Soderling has talked about mental health in the past, and is a passionate topic for the Swedish player.