The women's Australian Open is over, and with the dust settled, let's appreciate our two final WTA stars, Jennifer Brady and Naomi Osaka, for all they have said along the way.

Here's their best quote roundup from the Happy Slam, which wrapped up with Osaka's 6-4, 6-3 win on Saturday.



Brady on the hard lockdown:

"I mean, I made my first Grand Slam final, so maybe if I wasn't in quarantine I would have won. Maybe."


Osaka on her Aussie Open winning feeling:

"I feel a little bit funny after I took that sip [of champagne]. For me, my feelings, I'm really happy right now. I think this is a moment that I have been working for during the entire preseason.

"You know, it's really weird when you get to that final point, you start trembling because you can think of the 'what-ifs.' So for me I feel like I'm living in a 'what-if' right now."



Brady on what she studied at UCLA:

"Was I studying. Great question, actually. I don't know what I was doing, to be honest. No, actually, I went for, like, technically a year and a half, I took the fall off of my sophomore year, so I didn't declare a major. I was just basically just taking pretty much general classes.

"So I didn't have a major when I was there, because I didn't go for four years. I only went for almost two."



Osaka on her sister Mari's thoughts:

"I think she's honestly just happy that I won. She's hard to please."


Brady on hearing Hsieh Su-Wei posted about her:

"I'm speechless. Su-Wei, I'm honored. I love Su-Wei. She's awesome. I mean, her personality is very strange. She's a character. I think more people should watch this sport because of Su-Wei. The way she plays tennis is something that you have never seen before."



Osaka on being superstitious:

"I don't know when this started happening, but I just don't like, I don't know if they have that saying here, but they say, step on a crack, you break your mother's back. Then I just, like, started to really try avoid stepping on lines and stuff ever since then."

Osaka is now four for four in Grand Slam finals, and heads out of Melbourne on a 21-match win streak. She'll rise back up to No. 2 while Brady will climb to a career-high ranking of No. 13.