"It's an exclusive club," as Podcast host Kamau Murray describes the pro tennis fraternity. If you didn't make your name on tour as a player, it can be hard to establish yourself in the industry without a bit of good fortune. But luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and this week's guest on the show, Andrew Krasny, knows that old adage all too well.

For several decades, Krasny has been the guy you see and hear at your favorite tournaments, introducing the stars and interviewing them after thrilling victories. He joined Murray in a lengthy chat about how he landed his dream job, dealing with struggles, and why it doesn't get any better than traveling the world and covering tennis.


Krasny's entrance into the tennis world was anything but conventional. He worked with comedic titans such as Martin Short and Joan Rivers, serving as the warm-up act for live studio audiences and showing a natural ability to entertain and communicate. But it was a trip to the Los Angeles Open many years ago where the lightbulb flashed and his creative juices flowed.

"This guy in his eighties introduced Andre Agassi. And I looked down at the court and I said, 'That's what I want to do,'" Krasny recalled. "I want to interview tennis players, I want to welcome crowds, I want to be that warm-up guy but I want to apply it tennis."

And that's how his journey started. From a volunteer, to a low-level paid emcee—and then ultimately through years of grinding and succeeding—Krasny found his calling.

The conversation touches on a lot of areas, including how a mistake in Krasny's line of work is broadcast to a much larger audience. But there's a silver lining in everything, and one such mistake actually led to a bond of friendship between the host and Serena Williams. When discussing historical moments that the emcee has been court-level to witness, there's one that stands out from the rest. "The most historic moment for me hands down was Serena's return to Indian Wells," Krasny proclaimed. "When she walked out on court and I introduced her, I was a puddle of tears." It has been moments like those that have kept the host invigorated, excited to go work each day, and perfectly OK with the long hours and travel demands that tennis puts on him.


On the topic of mental health awareness, Krasny is open about his struggles with anxiety. He applauds the current generation of athletes of who spoken out, approached their problems head on, and have asked for help and time away from the game when necessary. This conversation was many years in the making, as Murray and Krasny have crossed path many times over the last decade at various venues, hotels and, as they discuss, breakfast spots. But only now did a full conversation ensue.

It's worth the wait. Check out the latest episode of the Podcast with Kamau Murray to hear Andrew Krasny do what he does best: entertain the masses.