Pat Cash has done just about everything in this sport, but he's always remained genuinely authentic. For better or worse, through all the highs and lows a career has to offer, he's stayed his unique self. Kamau Murray got the chance to chat with the Wimbledon champion turned coach on the newest episode of the Podcast, and the native Australian did not hold back on anything,


On the topic of his triumph at the All England Club, Murray asked what many have been wondering: why did you decide to run up into the box after your win, eventually starting a trend that goes on till this day? "It's a team effort" Cash lamented. "It was my of thanking them and I got pretty famous for it. Almost as famous as the fact that I got stuck halfway and couldn't get my way up there!

The vibrant Australian mentioned some of his greatest foes on court before the conversation transitioned to coaching. Cash professed how much he thoroughly enjoyed working with Coco Vandeweghe, whom he helped guide to the 2017 US Open semifinal. Now as the current coach of Qiang Wang, he hopes to help rebuild her lethal game and navigate a path back into the Top 15. Wang was coached by the late Peter McNamara, an Australian tennis hero of Cash. So it's more more than fitting that years after his passing, McNamara's legacy in the game is being carried on by somebody who looked up to him.

As is normally the case with a Pat Cash conversation, nothing is off limits. The topics also include the Novak Djokovic controversy, Cash's issue with the "Australia Day" holiday, and a personal story involving Murray and Cash crossing paths as coaches, and how the former player just can't kick the habit of working out to the max.

It's not just a podcast with Pat Cash, it's an experience.