In a world where it didn't really happen if it didn't make social media, fans have more access than ever to elements of their favorite players' lives. Here's what went on this week on The Social Net:



"Oh no, Stef"

ATP players recorded a promo video for the on-going ATP Finals, and Stefanos Tsitsipas, as always, played his part the way only he can, reading his line in a dramatic English accent:


Warming Up Rafa-Style

Another one-of-a-kind star, Rafael Nadal is known for having eccentricities in his on-court preparations. But behind-the-scenes cameras showed that he's unconventional off of center stage as well, evidenced by his use of several unusual treadmill methods:



Running Plank?

It's a tall task to outwork Nadal. If any player comes close, though, it's Maria Sakkari, who this week showed of her own training techniques:



Quarantine Look

Andy Roddick hasn't changed his appearance too much over the years. So it came as a surprise when he showed up on Tennis Channel Live with an extremely Texas-looking mustache, which was noticed by Kim Clijsters among numerous others:

That's it for this edition of The Social Net, stay tuned for more to come next week.