In a world where it didn't really happen if it didn't make social media, fans have more access than ever to elements of their favorite players' lives. Here's what went on this week on The Social Net:


Outshined by Hannah

The night of the Australian Open women's final was about Naomi Osaka and Jennifer Brady, but early on the show was stolen by a special guest: Hannah, who joined the players on court for the coin toss:



Jenny or Jennifer?

The match's other viral moment happened at the conclusion, when Osaka, who's gotten a whole lot more comfortable giving champion's speeches, did makeone of her trademark small mistakes:


Of course, like a good sport she apologized upon finding out about the error.


Who, me?

The final was an occasion for Brady to celebrate, too. After having played professional-level matches for more than a decade, she earned the biggest trophy of her career, one she didn't wait any longer than necessary to get a look at.


That's it for this edition of The Social Net, stay tuned for more to come next week.