Complete coverage of Roland Garros kicks off this weekend across all Tennis Channel platforms, with tennis fans set for close to 2,500 hours of live tennis over the next two weeks. And live from the heart of Paris, over two dozen TC analysts and commentators will make all the action come to life for viewers tuning in around the world.

For fans fortunate enough to be in Paris themselves, the tennis coverage can’t get much better than that. But there is still a whole city that's there for exploring, and with these Top 5 Things to Do in Paris, we'll make sure your dream trip to Roland Garros will be a well-rounded, memorable experience.


Spend just as much time at Roland Garros as you do around the city of Paris.

Spend just as much time at Roland Garros as you do around the city of Paris. 

Le Bowling

What better way to take the edge off Rafael Nadal drawing against Alexander Zverev in the first round than by rolling an eight-pound ball towards ten orderly pins? Hidden near the Arc de Triomphe—which should already be on every Paris visitor's must-see list—is an underground bowling experience is attached to a restaurant and nightclub.

Bowling Foch, the 15-lane bowling alley, foosball and billiards experience is open every day of the week. The only trick is locating the venue's premises underground. (Hint: Across the famous Arc and down a Metro entrance near Ave. Foch, keep your phone handy to search for a Wi-Fi network titled “Le Bowling” to help you locate the bowling alley.)

Spare a moment for bowling, billiards, and foosball during your travels.

Spare a moment for bowling, billiards, and foosball during your travels.


Cottage of the Islands

Travel back to 1857, when Empress of the French Eugénie de Montijo imported a Swiss wooden cottage to sit atop of the Bois de Boulogne—now the second-largest park in Paris and home to Stade Roland Garros.

Across the corner from tournament grounds sits is a massive historical park where this cottage has been transformed into a bistronomic restaurant on the water. Chalet des îles is a serene dining experience featuring stunning park views and all-around access—the perfect spot for an elegant post-match debrief over drinks and a meal.

There is a shuttle boat from across the lake, not to mention pathways for biking and wandering alike.

The Latin Quarter Experience

When strolling through the charming and historic Latin Quarter, make sure to take note of Rue Mouffetard, the oldest street in Paris.

This 605-meter hilly street has been a notable destination for 2000 years, and is arguably the most picturesque street in the whole city. From restaurants to small shops to street markets and cafes, this lively street is at the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Whether starting the route at the top of the hill, the very bottom, or meandering in between, there is much to discover among the winding road.

It may be across the city from Roland Garros, but Paris is calling, and so too is the Latin Quarter experience of a lifetime.


To Paris, With Love

After experiencing the Moulin Rouge, exploring the cobblestone streets, and even spotting the sinking house of Paris in Montmartre, walk a few minutes over to Jean Rictus Square for a little bit of love.

A brisk walk down from the melting pot of art and culture is the Wall of Love. The Parisian’s international guide to love, the word “love” is written on the wall in 311 languages, including all 192 languages of the United Nations.

It's open for viewing Monday through Friday, starting at 8:00 a.m. each morning.


The Museum of a Lifetime

Bucket list museums include the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay, which are both notable experiences to be sure, but Musée Rodin holds a special place for French art, specifically sculpting.

French sculptor Auguste Rodin is known for many works, including The Thinking Man, The Kiss, and The Gates of Hell. The museum surrounds Hotel Biron, a mansion that was abandoned by the time Rodin discovered and converted it for his own use. The pieces on display in the mansion are naturally it by the bay windows and overlook the sculpture gardens all around its perimeter.

Located in the 7th arrondisssement just thirty minutes from the Eiffel Tower, Rodin’s art offers a peaceful hideaway from the bustling city around.