The third slam of the year is fast approaching, so book those flights and pack your bags—we’re heading to London, baby.

There is so much to explore in the heart of the city, let alone just a train ride away (not to mention the literal “Wimbledon” stop on the London Underground to get to the tournament site), which is why this Top 5 list scales in every direction.

1. The Dog, The Fox, and The Kyrgios

Remember when Nick Kyrgios outed a reporter during a Wimbledon press conference for partying with him the night before? Five years later, the pub in question became a must-see destination for tennis fans, and this year the fever is apparent again.


Dog & Fox is not only a hospitable stay just a walk away from the All England Lawn Tennis Club, but also a highly rated pub preparing for the ultimate Wimbledon viewing experience.

The “Game, Set and Catch” seafood kitchen is serving lobster rolls, there’s live music Thursday through Sunday, and champagne and oysters in front of six screens for tennis viewing.

Take in the dog, the fox—the lobster roll—and keep an eye out for roaming players and their teams.


2. “Seven Dials” to the North

Tucked away in Covent Garden is the Seven Dials road junction, a notable landmark bearing six sundials, with the column itself acting as the seventh.

While tourists find their way to this column, many don’t know about what’s waiting just north. Between Monmouth Street and Shorts Garden is Neal’s Yard, a small marketplace with food, shops and cafes.

From the colorful streets to the secret bookstores, this hidden gem is a great escape from the city life. There are chairs around the courtyard for people watching and specialty stores a plenty for one of a kind homecoming gifts for loved ones.

3. Private Lodging with Lions

Zoos are a wonderful pastime for families, a great place to wander with friends, and a change of pace date activity. Although zoos tend to take a back seat when it comes to travel itineraries, the London Zoo offers a unique experience that is worth the consideration.

With packages for both families and adult stays, the London Zoo Lodges offers overnight stays within “roaring distance” of the Asiatic lions. If traveling with children, they must be at least five years old for this experience. The adult stay, on the other hand, says the minimum age is 14 – anyone else do a double take when reading that?

Keep in mind, the zoo is in The Regent’s Park, a notable travel destination in itself. Make sure to check out Queen Mary’s Garden in the inner circle at the south-most tip of the park as well as Primrose Hill at the northern end.

Fun Fact: In both The Regent’s Park and Kensington Gardens, you can take trapeze lessons from the Gorilla Circus Trapeze School. They have lessons for all skills levels every day of the week.


4. Public Urination, But Make it Social

You’ve Heard of paint n’ sip, but have you ever wanted to sip where you pee? (Not while, just where, let’s not get too crazy here.)

On both sides of the River Thames you can find Victorian Water Closets (WC) turned Wine & Charcuterie (WC) experiences. WC Bars have created a whole new meaning to wine and dine, offering a selection of spirits and sharable plates underground.

According to the website, the original wood and porcelain was refurbished for the design, like the original wooden stalls turned booths.

Search for Guilford Place on Lamb’s Conduit Street in Bloomsbury or underneath Clapham Common tube station for the entrances and escape into a thoughtfully restorative comfort space.

5. Hot Tubs & BBQHeaven

Skuna Boats is the revolutionary boating experience that has taken over Canary Wharf. They offer two ingenious experiences that will change sailing for the better.

The first is a hot tub boat.

“To be clear, this is not just a hot tub on a boat. This is a hot tub that is a boat.”

The 90-minute experience seats up to seven, and the route is up for the party to decide. Travel the Canary Wharf in style and wave to non-hot tubbers that wish to trade places. While the boat is sizzling at 38 degrees Celsius, 100 Fahrenheit, drinks remain as cold as ice as there are built-in ice pockets.


But wait, there’s more.

Barbeque lovers, brace yourselves, because you can now take your love of the grill onto the Skuna BBQ boat.

Spend a hundred minutes floating on either the Canary Wharf or Lakeside Essex grilling food with up to ten barbeque-loving passengers. Bring your own food or purchase one of Skuna’s food packages, and there’s free rescheduling for bad weather.


Bonus: Editors' Picks

Coming from’s very own Steve Tignor, here’s a few do’s and don’ts in London:

  • Do visit Earl Spencer Southfields, a classic British pub with good food and atmosphere near Wimbledon.
  • Don’t count on locals for directions. “In my experience, the city is too complicated for anyone to know how to get anywhere that's more than three blocks away,” Tignor said. (This is the only 'don’t' of the list.)
  • Do make time for Tate Modern, which offers both free and paid admission to exhibits and galleries.
  • Do check out Foyle’s, a chain of bookstores throughout the city.
  • Do the double-decker bus trip at night.
  • Do explore Neal’s Yard for cheeses, coffee, and more.