How did Serena and Venus Williams become two of the most iconic figures in all of sports? Well, tennis fans are going to get an intimate glimpse on how the impossible came true. Five-time Golden Globe nominee Will Smith portrays their father Richard Williams in "King Richard", which is set to hit theaters and HBO Max on November 19.

But before viewers grab their popcorn and watch the story unfold, there's a few things to look out for. We'll disclose one by one in the coming days, starting here.

1. Serena in the Shadows

Serena who?

Through cinematography and script, the film does an excellent job at setting this narrative through lighting and general scene composition. Pay especially close attention to this in the early portion of the movie; it's easy to miss but director of cinematography Robert Elswit is very intentional with how he sets the scene.

Venus is always beaming with light and optimism and while Serena is inspired by her older sister, she often sulks in the shadows—wading in frustration that ultimately fuels her in the end.

Serena, of course, followed in Venus' footsteps. She is one year younger, had a front row seat to witness Venus' success in the juniors and watched her debut as a professional in October 1994.

Richard had a plan of achieving greatness for Venus, but what Serena didn't know is he had even bigger objectives in the cards for her. This narrative is subtly pushed through moody color tones and down-casting angles.