Reilly Opelka responded to fans’ complaints on Twitter about hiked prices for this season’s Miami Open tickets.

He replied to Loretta Faturos, who posted that this year’s tickets are “unaffordable.” She wrote that in 2019, she and her husband paid $3,000 for two tickets but this year they start at $5150 per ticket.


“This is sad.. players are certainly not playing for money at this point,” Opelka responded. “We are playing for the greater good of the sport. If there are die hard tennis fans that want to come and are willing to pay 3k to watch tennis but cant afford it. Theres something wrong.”

A fan, who goes by Girlswhoplaytennis on Twitter, said that $5,000 was “unreasonable for a smaller court.”

Opelka replied, “Our sport is bleeding.. sad to see. Really sad, from a players standpoint, and from a fans standpoint.”

Another fan, Courtney Massey, chimed in.

“Tennis always talks about appealing to young people,” Massey wrote. Making live tennis more affordable would be a great start! The combination of rising ticket prices with hotel costs in certain areas..oof!”

Reilly agreed.

“Hotel costs are at an all-time high in Miami,” Reilly wrote. “Flights are even higher.. players dont want to come all the way to miami for this reason.. why should fans?”