By now we all have heard about Cannabidiol (CBD) and surely know the key benefits: easing anxiety, helping relieve muscle tension and stress. However, there's also Cannabigerol (CBG), and functional hydration brand OFFFIELD combined both along with essential minerals for the ultimate winning remedy.

Earlier this year, Baseline dived into how the brand is pushing the boundaries of player benefits with specialized ingredients that make up a highly unique sports beverage. With OFFFIELD's CBD/CBG hydration sticks, athletes will experience a boost of energy while also fighting inflammation, relieving anxiety and mental fatigue. Each stick also hydrates 2x more than water alone.

And things just got better, because the brand revealed their newest flavor just a few days ago. Dragonfruit lemonade! The Baseline staff had the opportunity to test out the latest flavor and we have some thoughts to share.

If you like a sweet and bold flavor, this will be your on-court go to. The dragonfruit has a powerful punch to it compared to the very lightly sweetened original lime. What's great about the new addition is the hint of lime that still lingers, but the passionfruit notes give it a tart yet refreshing taste. OFFFIELD's new stick allows customers to choose between a simple and complex hydration experience.

It's the perfect blend and doesn't compromise on its core benefits.The 20mg broad spectrum CBD, CBG, L-Theanine and the essential minerals are all packed in and lead to the optimal body and mind experience on the court. This stuff not only provides a "runners high," but it will have players questioning if they really just teed up a Serena serve or a Gael Monfils epic on-the-run passing shot.

Is it all your practice paying off or is it OFFFIELD? Doesn't matter, just enjoy getting out and moving.

This flavor is on the brink of selling out and we definitely can see why.

Review: 8/10