Jennifer Brady was welcomed earlier this week as the newest member of the Tennis Channel team. She has joined Steve Weissman and Prakash Amritraj as a guest host on Tennis Channel Live. Still recovering from plantar fasciitis on her left foot, she's trying to get in her tennis reps anyway possible before getting back on the tour. Perhaps, Weissman said it best, "it's a rite of passage, for pro players coming back from injury."

He's not wrong, the Tennis Channel show has seen the likes of Sloane Stephens, Taylor Townsend, Eugenie Bouchard, and Shelby Rogers guest host while recovering from injuries. The American hasn't competed since last year's Western & Southern Open in August, but is trending in the right direction.

She shared a brief injury update during Wednesday's show.

"I'm thriving, I'm happy to be here," she said. "I didn't have surgery, I did tear my plantar fasciitis but never had surgery. I'm doing physical therapy just down the road at Elite OrthoSport out here in Santa Monica. I've been going there since November and things are looking good. Hopefully I'll be back on court very very soon.

"And Prakash you're going to have to wait until we get that mixed doubles going. But, very soon I'll be back. PT is going well, starting to feel pretty good."


The former USC player turned Tennis Channel host is ready for the 2021 Australian Open finalist to say the word.

"Put me in coach. Listen, any time you need me you know I'll jump off the bench for you," Amritraj said.

Heading into her fourth day as a Tennis Channel host, Amritraj was dying to know how the 26-year-old is liking sitting behind a desk and delivering all things tennis to the world. While Brady seems to like the gig, she much prefers vying for titles on the WTA Tour.

"I definitely see myself on court, not really here talking about the tennis as much," she said. "I'm definitely a little bit nervous on the stage, but I do enjoy my time playing tennis." Brady might not be ready to trade her racquets in for the Hollywood set life just yet, but regardless of nerves she definitely aced her role as Tennis Channel host.

Brady will wrap up her guest host responsibilities for the channel on Friday.