Bernard Tomic is used to being in the headlines, but now it's largely thanks to his girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra. The Australian couple traveled to Doha for the Australian Open qualifying event, and returned home triumphant after Tomic won three matches.

“I am in Doha, I risked my life flying here, my health, Covid’s around, many sick, with many things that can go wrong," the world No. 228 said last week. "I’m risking my life, and I’m playing and competing. Of course, I want to get there."

What first awaited him after earning his place in the main draw was a two-week hotel quarantine in a Melbourne hotel with Sierra, a former contestant on Love Island. Her complaints about the cold food and lack of hair salon access made it to 7 News.


"I don’t wash my own hair, I have never washed my own hair, it’s just not something I do," Sierra said. "I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me. This is the situation that we are dealing with. What is going on? I cannot wait to get out of quarantine just to get my hair done."


The full clip can be found on her YouTube channel, where she shared eight minutes of content from their Melbourne hotel.

Tomic is more of a bystander in the footage than anything else, but it's caused an uproar. After positive tests came back from multiple flights, 72 players have been put under stricter quarantine restrictions. Many of those not on the impacted flights have been waiting anxiously for clearance to practice.

The Australian Open is set to start Feb. 8 with warm-up events beginning Jan. 31.