It's often assumed that tennis players live a glamorous lifestyle, as the nomadic nature of the professional circuit leads them to a new destination nearly every week. But the assumption is often grossly mistaken: Many times, players' experiences at some of the world's most famous cities are limited to tournament venues and hotels, and it leaves fans wanting more content showcasing the sights and sounds from the places they visit.

Taylor Fritz's girlfriend of three years, Morgan Riddle, is doing her best to fill that gap. For the last two seasons, Riddle has been offering a fresh take on what it's like to be a part of the tennis tour without the constraints and commitments that come with being a professional athlete.

Since the start of 2022, Riddle has been a full-time content creator, and posts behind-the-scenes videos from tournament venues, and the cities they are held in, on her various personal platforms while she travels full-time with Fritz.


With more than 400,000 followers on TikTok and more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Riddle has a core following of people who are interested in her fashion, beauty and food content, and the bulk of her content falls in line with influencer trends of the moment. If you tapped into her TikTok channel this year, for example, you could've gotten ready with her before she headed off to support Fritz at the US Open; saw how she packed for a month on the road for the clay-court season; and followed a day in her life in Geneva, where Fritz made the semifinals this year.

She also boasts crossover appeal: She freely admits she knew little about tennis before meeting Fritz, and her explainer content for the sport has brought it to new audiences.

All that, coupled with her and Frtiz's star turn in the first season of Netflix's tennis documentary series "Break Point," have combined to raise her own personal profile.

In August, Riddle was featured at length in a *New York Times* article entitled, "The Most Famous Woman in Men's Tennis," which chronicled how Riddle and Fritz met, how and why she does what she does, that she now gets asked for selfies at tournaments, and that she is not immune from receiving hateful comments—both in regards to Fritz's on-court results, and of the nature of their off-court relationship.


But on the whole, fans are loving it, whether they follow tennis faithfully or not.

"Your content is my Roman empire," one user commented on an October video of Riddle chronicling what she ate in a day Tokyo.

"In my next life, I want to be Morgan Riddle," wrote another on her dispatch from Monte Carlo.

In 2023, Riddle's media portfolio expanded to include a YouTube channel, where she posts more long-form vlogs from the tour's various cities and answers fans' questions, and it boasts nearly 50,000 subscribers in less than a year of existence. This summer, she was even invited to host a series on Wimbledon's YouTube channel entitled "Wimbledon Threads" which chronicled what attendees were wearing at the tournament.

“I’m really happy with what I’m doing, and I’m making good money,” she told the Times' fashion reporter Jessica Testa. “People are allowed to make all the judgments they want. A lot of times people have assumptions about me, but then they watch my YouTube, or they listen to me on a podcast, and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I was wrong.’”

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