1. Racquet Club LA

If you don’t know about this small tennis brand yet it’s ok, it’s kind of a secret. Racquet Club LA is dripping with a vintage 70s aesthetic and asks customers to live life leisurely. See this brand isn’t for everyone, but it is for those that enjoy the simple pleasures like drinks apres a hitting session or even during.

So if one is ready to appreciate the slow moments that this sport can sometimes forget, grab the keys to this online club and some merchandise to prove it. Racquet Club LA is for players and non-players alike.

Our Top Picks from RCLA:

RCLA Crewneck Sweater in Black

The jet-black crewneck is a must have for those frosty early morning hits and those cool under-the-lights evening practice sessions. It's simple and apparently perfect with a gin martini and two olives.


Tennis Mom Canvas Tote

This tote bag is perfect for the casual hitter and retired tennis players out there. It's a staple L.L Bean bag with an embroidery that really says it all. Tennis moms for the win!


RCLA Dampener Pack

Tennis really does have a way of solving problems and getting out daily frustrations. While some people have therapists, some just play tennis. Makes sense.

Other than Racquet Club LA having playful style that will make your other friends want to also join the club, it's a great opportunity to shop small this holiday season and it's also female founded. Lots of bang for that buck.