Tis the season to give the tennis fan in your life the perfect gift. All week long we will share what presents should be under your tree.


Next up is WeedSport, a company that is breaking the stigma around cannabis and hemp and the negative perceptions around it within sports. This brand is all about showcasing the natural healing powers of a plant and that it can be used for much more than just getting high. Weedsport makes a great gift for the players that are out on the court a few days a week or always on the move.

The brand's goal is to get more people feeling good while doing what they love.

Our Top Weedsport Picks:

CBD Muscle Stick

This little stick can fit in a racquet bag, purse or pocket—and if feeling any pain should be applied as needed. No need to worry about applying too little or too much, whatever amount helps relieve those nagging aches. That's the best part about the muscle stick, it's all natural from craft hemp flowers and features over 400mg of Full Spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoids. So, don't be concerned about going overboard, the more the merrier!

It smells great, feels great and will get anyone who uses it back to what they love faster. So if you have a friend complaining about their body's wear and tear—make sure to add this one to cart.

Dunk Zero

After a long day on the courts or even office, this CBD bath salt will help relax and soothe any tension from a stressful day. Dunk Zero has hints of eucalyptus and evergreens that instantly bring down pain levels and the 150mg of cannabinoids make this a restorative bath product.

The Matek edition is also made out of compostable packaging and reduces environmental waste. Which means the bag can be rinsed out and placed into a home compost system or wherever accepted. Feel good, do good.


Performance Towel

Because every tennis player needs a trendy towel in their racquet bag, right? Not only is this high and dry towel a way to flaunt that one is a natural athlete, but it's also soft and absorbent. It uses a water-absorbing fabric that's much better than traditional cotton and will keep the sweatiest of players dry.