WATCH: Confessional Cart—Alexander Bublik


Confessional Cart asks players to open up and leave no opinion unexpressed, making the effortlessly loquacious Alexander Bublik an ideal candidate for the game.

Still, it took some convincing.

“I said, ‘Fuck you guys; I’m not doing this!’” the brutally honest Kazakh jokingly(?) admitted when asked his initial impression of the challenge. “I literally said that!”

Once the cart took off, however, the showman jumped out and Bublik aimed to impress, mixing high-value questions with quick answers to blow previous leader Paula Badosa out of the water—though unlike the Spaniard, Sasha refused to sing.

In the midst of another solid season, the Top 40’s resident shotmaker described his most gagworthy flavor—watermelon bubblegum—and named his go-to road trip buddy, Benoit Paire.

“Because I love him!”

Check out the full video for Bublik’s biggest challenges, his least favorite match time, and an unexpected first crush.