We’ve seen some truly impressive performances this week at the US Open. There was one, however, that stood out from the rest. One that didn’t even come from a player. One that was so stunning, so awe-inspiring, that it went viral in a matter of hours. And it was given by the US Open beer girl.

While Felix Auger-Aliassime and Roberto Bautista Agut battled it out in Louis Armstrong Stadium, a fan became an unexpected champion in her own right. During a changeover, the jumbotron camera scanned the crowd and landed on a young blonde woman. The woman wasted no time in raising her mostly full beer to her lips and downing the drink in a matter of seconds. The crowd went wild, everyone had a laugh, and the action on court resumed.


But the performance didn’t end there. The cameras returned to the blond fan once again in the fifth set of the match, and she absolutely delivered. With no beer of her own this time, it didn’t stop her from giving the people what they wanted. She grabbed the beer out of her friend’s hand and proceeded to chug the entire thing again to the delight of the crowd. Once the cup was empty, she lifted her arms in victory and soaked in the spotlight.

Thank you to the US Open beer girl for being a fan we will not likely forget. Here’s hoping her friend got another beer and she didn’t have a hangover Saturday morning.