Move over, Taylor Swift: The San Francisco 49ers will have their own celebrity super-fan at Super Bowl LVIII, and her name is Anna Frey, a teenaged tennis player from Utah who has been the talk of the internet after parlaying a viral TikTok joke into an invitation to the Big Game.

Set to graduate high school in 2026, Frey is the No. 1-ranked junior in the state of Utah, and last month, she finished runner-up in the 16-and-under division at the USTA's winter nationals in Orlando, Fla. But it's her social media presence that's put her in international headlines after she first went viral in November, for what TikTok dubbed an uncanny resemblance to San Francisco's star quarterback, Brock Purdy.

Frey's personal social media following exploded as a result, and currently, she boasts more than 1 million TikTok followers and an additional 33,000 on Instagram.

"It's been drinking out of a firehose," Frey's father, Tanner, told Salt Lake City's FOX 13 affiliate last week of his daughter's rise to celebrity. "Trying to navigate it, understanding it, what it all means. People calling and chanting her name in different places. It's been a lot. We mostly just want to make sure she stays safe, keeps a level head and stays focused on tennis."

Frey leaned into the resemblance, buying a Purdy jersey and posting another video wearing it that currently has over 9 million views. Purdy's brother, Chubba, was even caught on video saying "Anna Frey, going to the Super Bowl!" in the background of a clip of Purdy celebrating in the aftermath of 49ers' win over the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship on Jan. 28.

In response, Frey posted a duet—TikTok's name for two videos stitched side-by-side—of herself alongside Purdy's video with the caption, "patiently waiting for my Super Bowl invite.”

More than 28 million views on that video later, she got it.


She's being flown out to Las Vegas for Sunday's game thanks to a recently-inked Name, Image and Likeness deal with Six Star Pro Nutrition, a workout supplement company. The company secured Frey tickets, and will pay for her travel and hotel. Frey made the announcement in a new TikTok post on Thursday, saying she was "super excited" after the unexpected development.

“Stay tuned because I’ll be posting so much about the festivities and activities that I am going to. If you see me on the strip, please come say hi,” Frey, who hopes to play college tennis and aspires to go pro, said.