Even before the global pandemic, tennis has always been a geographically challenged sport. Players from all over the world travel to various locations all over the world throughout an 11-month season. But right now, when such travel is nearly impossible, how are players supposed to fairly compete?

As discussed on the Behind the Racquet Podcast, USTA Pro Circuit commentator Mike Cation believes that regional tours are the right move.

“Regional events are the only answer to make everything equitable,” Cation said. “Outside of that I think we’re going to have at least another 4-5 months of inequity in the sport of tennis.”

Due to various global travel restrictions, many players can't even enter countries where certain tournaments would be played, and risk dealing with strict quarantine protocols when they return home.

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) clearly agrees with the sentiment, and has an answer for college, junior and pro tennis. Last week, they announced the creation of the ITA Tour: Fall Circuit by UTR, a new initiative to provide local and regional match play opportunities.


ITA CEO Timothy Russel said, “Amidst these unprecedented and uncertain times for our country and the world of sports we are excited to build upon the long-standing tradition of the ITA’s Summer Circuit and the great success of the 2020 Oracle ITA Summer Circuit powered by UTR.”

The ITA Summer Circuit has long been the primary form of competition for upcoming and current college players, but with the future of NCAA tennis competition uncertain, the Fall Circuit is primed to have a much bigger role as college competitors looked to maintain match toughness, as well as increase their UTR rating.

The circuit will begin on September 18th and run through November 22nd, and will feature singles matches only.

UTR launches 
Fall Circuit: ITA

UTR launches Fall Circuit: ITA Tour