This week, Venus Williams did a rare Instagram Q&A with her fans and after about four minutes of technical difficulties, she kept the ball rolling for over 30 minutes.

“Welcome to my Instagram Live and today we’re going to answer the questions,” the 40-year-old said. “And today we aren’t working out because I have to save my legs.”

Since the shutdown, "Coach Venus" has been doing weekly workouts, often with a guest like Naomi Campbell, Caroline Wozniacki and her sister Serena.

Here’s a look at what topics the seven-time Grand Slam champion answered:

Q: What songs are you currently listening to while singing in the shower?

“Blood Orange 'Jewelry'. A lot of Blood Orange. Mack Miller, 'Dang!', I’m always listening to that song. Lot of Anderson Paak, a lot of Thundercat."

Q: How are you keeping it together at the end of this crazy year? Any advice?

"By looking forward, looking forward. You have to look forward. There’s a lot taken away, but there’s also a lot to be enjoyed and at this point in time let’s enjoy simple things right? Like being able to hug my mom, which for a while I didn't, especially when I traveled."


Q: Who is your favorite female singer?

"Tina Turner. I love her. She’s unreal. I love Tina Turner. One of my new favorite singers right now is Victoria Monet. I love her."

Q: What makes you get over fear?

"So fear is a part of life, so I don’t think you can go out there thinking you cannot be afraid. These things happen. Sometimes we are afraid. But we don’t have to let it take over our whole life... Sometimes we fall because of fear, I know I have, but it doesn’t mean you don’t get right back up."


Q: What shot would you steal from another player

"I've never had a ton of spin so I would steal all the spin from [Rafael] Nadal."

Q: Will you play doubles when you're finished singles, or finish finish?

"When I’m finish finished, I'm going to focus on wearing amazing things every day because, as an athlete, I wake up and I sweat and I stain my clothes… I want to focus on looking more fabulous than I've ever looked in my whole life, so I will not be playing doubles."

The Q&A ended on a light note with a teenager asking if she has a boyfriend. Venus confirmed she doesn't and isn't looking to settle down just yet.

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Venus does fan 
Q&A about fashion, 
fear and music

Venus does fan Q&A about fashion, fear and music