“Success for me is being able to live my life with no regrets.”

So says Venus Williams in a wide-ranging interview with the Citizens of Humanity fashion brand’s Humanity magazine. The 36-year-old discusses everything from her advice for today’s youth to her own childhood sports idols, the fight for equal pay and the prospect of motherhood.

Speaking to the best advice that her little sister, Serena Williams, has given her over time, Venus says it’s “You have to show up, so why not compete?” That’s real talk from the reigning Australian Open champion to the runner-up.

“I don’t need another decade added to my life and career—don’t make me older than I already am, please!” Venus begins the interview thusly, echoing her statements on court after her first-round victory at the Aussie Open.


Still, she can’t help the fact that wisdom comes with the years and decades. None of us can stop that, and none of us would want to. Especially not her.

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