TENNIS CHANNEL LIVE: Venus Williams’ short stay at the US Open


NEW YORK—Before Venus Williams struck a ball on Tuesday evening, she was already serving.

The former world No. 1 made an unforgettable arrival to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center to make her 24th appearance at the US Open, having made her debut as a teenager in 1997.

ESPN’s D’Arcy Maine shared an instantly iconic image of Williams before her first round against Greet Minnen, going viral within minutes of its appearance on X, formerly known as Twitter:

Though Williams was unfortunately undercooked for her match against Minnen, Williams continued to make an impression in her post-match press conference, musing about her future as only she can.

“I wouldn't tell you, so...” she trailed off when asked about how much longer she plans to play. “I don't know. I don't know why you're asking.”

The seven-time Grand Slam champion nonetheless hinted that she may make at least one more tournament appearance in 2023 after multiple injuries curtailed her comeback attempts.

I typically haven't really played after the US Open for a number of years now,” she said. “I may reconsider that this year because my year didn't go the way, in any way, shape or form, that I thought it would go! I was really getting good momentum into Wimbledon. That fall really kind of threw me for a loop for the summer.”

Sad as it was seeing Venus go, she made sure we all enjoyed watching her leave.