WATCH: Think About It, Season 2 Teaser


On the latest episode of Think About It, it doesn't take long into Victoria Azarenka's explosive two-part interview with Seal for the former world No. 1 and Grammy Award-winning artist to find common ground between tennis and music.

"Each of us, whether it's great champions like yourself, or singers like myself: no one actually does it alone," said the London-born Seal, who has sold over 20 million records worldwide. "There are pivotal figures, champions who make the difference."

For Seal, those first figures were his parents.

"My earliest memories of music were sitting underneath [my mother's] sewing machine, a wig-making machine, and she had the radio or a little record player on. She would always be listening to Motown, The Supremes, or Stevie Wonder."

Check out the full episode as Seal opens up more on pivotal figures in his artistic development while Azarenka takes listeners inside the mind of one of the world's most recognizable voices.

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