Andrey Rublev had more than one job to do at the Nitto ATP Finals. When the No. 5 seed wasn’t competing to reach a second straight semifinal in Turin, he found time to tend to goddaughter Alisa—who just so happens to be Daniil Medvedev’s daughter.

Behind-the-scenes footage of Rublev and Alisa surfaced on social media as the toddler’s Turin adventures have been lovingly documented by Daria Medvedeva and RawQ business partner Arina Kuzmina on their official Instagram page.

Rublev joked about his many responsibilities when it was revealed he would serve as Alisa’s godfather earlier this spring.

“The priest made such a speech [about my duties] that I even said: ‘What should Danya do then, since I have to do all of this?’ To which the priest said that Daniil must support his family financially,” the 25-year-old recalled.

“I asked him if it was possible to switch, because it looks like I have many times more responsibility than Dani!”


Rublev and Medvedev were forced to set aside their off-court dynamic when they were draw into the same round-robin group in Turin, where Medvedev got the better of his good friend en route to reaching the semifinals.

“To be honest, on court, I don't know how it is for him, for me on court, doesn't exist, friends, enemies. I just try to win the match,” the former No. 1 mused after the match. “I don't think about anything else.

“But when the last point is finished, it's like I feel sorry for him, he lost the match. But it's the same for him. If he beats me, I mean, last year was brutal when he beat me. So, I felt for one or two days he was kind of shy to talk to me, taking care.

“It's the same. You always try to look at him and see if tomorrow we can talk like normal. I'm going say him good luck, go for it the next matches, and he's probably going to say the same.”

Though Medvedev and Rublev each have one round-robin match left to play, Rublev has been effectively eliminated from semifinal contention after falling behind 0-2 in the Green Group—likely giving him more time for godfather duties over championship weekend.