In a clever twist to the usual Q&A style, ATP stars sat down for an informal game; “Wrong Answers Only.”

Everyone, from Denis Shapovalov, the recent Wimbledon semifinalist, to Grigor Dimitrov were only allowed to answer questions with the “wrong answers.” Simple enough, but the ATP stars came up with clever “answers.”

In response to being asked “How old is Roger Federer?”, Shapovalov said, “He legit still looks like he is twenty so I’ll say twenty.” The Canadian would know about youth considering he was the youngest semifinalist at Wimbledon in over a decade.

Perhaps Dimitrov’s question was even funnier; “What does ATP stand for?” The Belgian could not keep it together before bursting out laughing, but he did provide an answer, “Authority Thermal Piece”

We never said the answers would make sense. Watch the video and let us know which responses you thought were the funniest.