While the matchup between Kei Nishikori and Kamil Majchrzak became entertaining enough, the youngster chosen for the coin toss had some moves of his own to get the crowd excited for the first round of the Australian Open.


Throwing a kick and then a spin, the boy—later identified as 12-year-old Skyler—added flair to an otherwise mundane task. Even the US Open Twitter account was impressed:


After that, the star of the show became Poland's Majchrzak as he gained a two-set lead over the world No. 8. Unfortunately for the 23-year-old, his lead didn’t last long as Nishikori quickly made up for lost ground by taking the third set, 6-0, then the fourth, 6-2. He sealed the victory at 3-0 in the fifth set when Majchrzak was forced to retire.

Nishikori will face Ivo Karlovic in the next round.

WATCH: Boy adds
dance to coin toss
in Melbourne

WATCH: Boy adds dance to coin toss in Melbourne

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