TENNIS CHANNEL LIVE: Casper Ruud stopped by after his opening-round win at the BNP Paribas Open.


To blonde or not to blonde: that is the question.

No, that is actually the question Casper Ruud threw at RuudTalk guest Dominic Thiem, to the eternal horror of co-host Barbara Schett.

“We have both been blonde at some point,” admitted the former world No. 2, who is a dead ringer for Ryan Gosling in the upcoming Barbie movie, “but I think you played so well after the blonde hair. I think you won many tournaments with the blonde tips!”

As an apoplectic Schett attempted to change the conversation, she found an unreceptive audience as Thiem openly admitted a desire to dive back into the proverbial bottle of peroxide.

“I played very well with those blonde tips,” recalled Thiem. “I’m thinking about it constantly. Every time I’m at the hair dresser, I’m thinking, ‘Should I tell them? Shouldn’t I?’ It’s constantly on the edge to get it back. I cannot promise you 100%, but it’s possible that it comes again very soon.

“I did it Miami when I did it,” added Ruud, “so you can do it maybe next week when we go there. Maybe we should do it together.”


As it happened, Thiem has enjoyed some of his greatest career successes with a set of frosted tips, including a run to a Grand Slam final.

“The first time I did it and I was completely blonde, I won Umag and Gstaad, and the last time I was blonde, I played Australian Open finals, so I’m always playing well with the blonde hair.”

Might the Indian Wells doubles duo Thelma and Louise it off the makeover cliff and emerge all the blonder for it? Stay tuned to find out!