We’re sorry, Codey can’t come to the phone right now. He’s still screaming.

When Coco Gauff won the US Open this past Saturday, she wanted to talk to someone who wasn’t in her player box: brother Codey. The only problem was her FaceTime went unanswered and by the time it was returned, the 19-year-old was summoned for the biggest trophy presentation of her life.

“He did answer right before the ceremony started. I didn't know we were supposed to go up together so I was just going to wait until they started talking. Then Stacey (Allaster) was, like,’ You've got to go.’ I told him I had to leave,” Gauff recounted to press after rallying past Aryna Sabalenka in three sets.


On Monday, Gauff shared what may have caused her sibling to play phone tag. Simply put, he was HYPED.

“No wonder my brother didn’t answer the phone. Legend says he’s still screaming to this day,” wrote Gauff, as she shared a lively video of his reaction to her triumph.

Her youngest brother Cameron also reacted with pure elation in the background, showing off some hops of his own. As the clip concluded, Codey's energy was transferred into a heartfelt embrace with his little bro.

Not completely out of the woods, Gauff had received a small taste of the family vibe back home before stepping out to receive her champion’s crown.

“He was like, ‘Let's go!’ It was so loud, it was hurting my ears so I hung up,” the new world No. 3 said.