Stan Wawrinka may have beaten Andrey Rublev in a battle of rock-paper-scissors, but the reigning Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters champion won the war after a hilarious start to their Mutua Madrid Open clash.

Let’s recap.

With the golden-voiced Mohamed Lahyani serving as umpire and emcee, Wawrinka was asked to choose between two sides of a virtual coin: Madrid or Mutua.

Wawrinka calls Madrid, but the jumbotron on Court Manolo Sanatana pulls lands on an unexpected third option: ATP.

“You said Madrid or Mutua, so we have to do it again,” says Wawrinka.

Rublev correctly counters that if the two sides were actually Madrid and ATP, Wawrinka still lost the toss.


“They’re giving you second life,” he jokes as he lobbies first for a retoss, and then to give Wawrinka the win altogether.

“You won, you won,” insists the famously anxious Rublev. “Now you’re making me stressed!”

Coming up with a solution on which all parties can agree, the No. 5 seed challenges Wawrinka to a game of rock-paper-scissors, an increasingly common way of sorting debates in the tennis world.

Wawrinka’s scissors cut Rublev’s paper and, winning the improvised “toss,” elects to serve to the delight of those watching.

“In all my years sitting in this chair and watching this great sport,” notes commentator Nick Lester, “I’ve never seen quite like that before.”

Rublev went on to win best two out of three, 7-5, 6-4, increasing his clay-court record to 9-1 in 2023 and booking a third-round encounter with No. 28 seed Yoshihito Nishioka.

But one can’t help but wonder: should rock-paper-scissors become the new coin toss?