Actress Courteney Cox is on the tennis court and working on her already top-notch backhand. The 55-year-old posted an impressive Instagram video on Monday of her swinging away at her Los Angeles home.


Fans of the Friends show were quick to leave comments and added references to her character, Monica Geller.

In one episode the star joins the court with Matthew Perry (a.k.a. Chandler) as her partner, and Monica means business. The two compete against Chandler's boss and his wife, and Monica hits winners from all angles of the court. In attempt to make Perry's boss happy, Chandler tanks the match, but Cox isn't too pleased.

The classic moment from Season 5, Episode 12 "The One with Chandler's Work Laugh" was ranked No. 20in the 26 all-time greatest Friends sports moments by USA Today.

It seems like Cox has only gotten better since the filming of the episode.