In Manacor, Rafael Nadal celebrated the grand opening of the Rafa Nadal Academy, a place for youngsters to learn the sport he loves on the island he calls home.

He also celebrated a reunion as he was joined by a special guest, the one and only Roger Federer, for the big day.


Federer had only kind words to say about Nadal and the new facility (which is at the newly opened Rafa Sports Centre).


“One things for sure I know where I’m going to send my kids if they want to learn tennis,” Federer said. “I’m going to send them right here.”

The two good friends, and great rivals, shared a lot of laughs.

And they've certainly shared a lot of memories. Nadal even gifted the Swiss with a special poster, commemorating their best moments on court together.


The photo collage included a note from the Spaniard which read:

Dear Roger, thank you very much for your support at the official opening of my academy. Today is an unforgettable day for me, my family and my team. You cannot imagine how special it is to have you here with us. Roger, this reflects all the moments we had on the court. Looking back at them I see all the great memories we shared in our careers… To be continued…

To be continued, indeed. It’ll be great to see these two on the court again, hopefully soon. Federer is not playing until January, while Nadal is undecided on the rest of his 2016 season.