World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has beaten back his share of rivals over the years, but might he one day have to face down his own son?

Seven-year-old Stefan Djokovic took to the Aorangi Park practice courts this week and displayed some impressive technique that could make many think he, too, can one day compete for as many Wimbledon titles as his father.


Stefan has become something of a social media star this fortnight: making a cameo in one of his father’s Instagram videos, he can be heard asking how his father could struggle to construct a trampoline when he was able to compete at Wimbledon.

“For him anyone playing in Wimbledon is a superhero,” Djokovic explained after his first-round victory. “He did not only direct that to me but the entire team. For him, everyone in my team is playing in Wimbledon. He saw these big guys that have muscles, my fitness coach, tennis coach, and he couldn't understand how is it that we can't fix a trampoline and we're playing at Wimbledon. It was a really funny, funny comment.

“Yeah, Stefan was there today. It's always special for me the feeling to play in front of my son. I didn't have too many opportunities in my life to have that kind of sensation and experience. It's always very unique.”

Djokovic next faces fellow Serb Miomir Kecmanovic for a spot in the second week, and while he may regret having to play a countryman, at this rate it could be another Djokovic.


After all, the similarities are truly uncanny...