The slowed-down summer on the tennis tour has given players the chance to partake in some activities they normally wouldn't have much time for. And one player who really seems to be enjoying himself is Noah Rubin. For his #NoahOnTheStreet series of videos, the American played a game of Behind The Racquet water pong.

Attempting to throw 10 Ping-Pong balls into the cups across the table, Rubin let a friend soak him with water for every shot he missed. He missed quite a few: seven out of 10, ending the game completely cooled off, but with his tennis skills looking far better than his beer-pong ones.


If that game seems a little tame for you, here's another one to try, though it's probably not recommended, especially if your friend has a fierce flat forehand:

And definitely don't play it with play it with Gael Monfils.