Usually it seems like Serena Williams can do literally anything, but she tried to prove that baking is just not her thing. The 37-year-old went on a mission to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and documented her journey.

She got off to a rocky start with her struggling over how to pronounce xanthan gum, what granulated sugar is and not finding the vanilla extract.

"I don't like sugar," she said. "People that make sugar things, it’s just not good for you."


"I know you’re out there thinking those cookies are going to be terrible and that’s true," she said. "Baking is not my strength."

Her husband Alexis Ohanian took over filming, dubbing the series "Serena's Kitchen." Then the 23-time Grand Slam champion had to wait for the dough to rise, and so she danced, got her nails done and had a full night's sleep.


Finally, 20 hours later, she got a little more assistance, this time from her daughter Alexis Olympia Jr., but the dough turned out to be rock hard.

"That's normal," Alexis Ohanian said. "She can fix it."

In the end, the finished product did look like cookies, so she didn't truly fail.


"I'll give you my recipe, but it takes two days to make," Serena said, ending the saga with, "I hate cookies."